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Wilko to Close Multiple Stores, Poundland and B&M Step In

One sentence summary – Wilko is set to close several stores, resulting in job losses, with Poundland and B&M stepping in to rescue some locations, while The Range acquires Wilko’s brand and assets.

At a glance

  • Wilko is closing several stores, resulting in job losses.
  • Poundland and B&M are rescuing some locations.
  • The Middlesbrough store is among the final 41 stores to close on October 8.
  • Poundland will take on the leases of up to 71 sites, including the Thornaby Wilko store.
  • The Range has acquired Wilko’s brand, website, and intellectual property.

The details

Wilko, a well-known retail chain, is set to close several stores, leading to job losses and the subsequent rescue of some locations by Poundland and B&M.

The Middlesbrough store of Wilko, located in Captain Cook Square, is among the final 41 stores that will shut down on Sunday, October 8.

The closure of this store was signaled two months ago with the placement of sale signs on its windows.

The closure process will occur in multiple stages.

On October 3, 29 stores will shut their doors.

This will be followed by the closure of another 41 stores on October 5.

Finally, the remaining 41 stores, including the Middlesbrough branch, will close on October 8.

Despite efforts to secure a rescue deal, an offer from Doug Putman, owner of HMV, fell through.

This left Wilko with the task of closing down multiple locations.

Poundland has stepped in to help by taking on the leases of up to 71 sites.

This includes the Thornaby Wilko store, thus saving it from closure.

Existing Wilko staff will be given “priority” for job opportunities within Poundland.

B&M, on the other hand, has not yet confirmed its plans regarding staff from the affected Wilko stores it intends to acquire.

Prior to this unfortunate situation, Wilko operated over 400 shops and employed around 12,500 people.

However, the closures have resulted in approximately 9,000 job losses.

This impacts a significant number of individuals and their communities.

The Range, a well-known retailer, has acquired Wilko’s brand, website, and intellectual property.

As part of this arrangement, The Range will continue to sell Wilko products within its own stores.

It is worth noting that the Redcar store has already closed its doors on September 19.

The Hartlepool store is scheduled to close on September 26.

This comprehensive brief encompasses all available facts and information regarding the Wilko store closures.

It provides an unbiased overview of the closures, the subsequent rescue efforts by Poundland and B&M, as well as the impact on jobs and the acquisition of Wilko’s assets by The Range.

Article X-ray

A small shop with a closed sign on the door, while two other shops nearby have open signs.

This section links each of the article’s facts back to its original source.

If you have any suspicions that false information is present in the article, you can use this section to investigate where it came from.

– Wilko’s Middlesbrough store will close on Sunday, October 8
– 29 stores will shut on October 3, 41 stores on October 5, and the final 41 on October 8
– Middlesbrough’s Wilko store in Captain Cook Square is among the final 41
– Sale signs were first put up on the windows of the Middlesbrough store two months ago
– A rescue deal from HMV owner Doug Putman fell through
– Poundland has agreed to take on the leases of up to 71 sites and B&M will take up 51 stores
– Thornaby Wilko has been saved by Poundland
– Poundland will give existing Wilko staff “priority” for jobs
– B&M has not confirmed its plans for staff
– Wilko had over 400 shops and employed around 12,500 people before its collapse
The closures have resulted in around 9,000 job losses
– The Range has bought Wilko’s brand, website, and intellectual property
– Wilko products will still be sold within The Range stores
– Redcar store closed on September 19 and Hartlepool’s store will close on September 26.

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