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Nevada Republican Party Approves New Rules for Presidential Caucus

The Nevada Republican Party has approved new rules for their presidential caucus, which have sparked concerns among some campaigns and critics who believe the rules are designed to favor former President Donald Trump. The rules stipulate that any candidate participating in the state-run primary two days before the caucus cannot participate in the caucus, and Super PACs are also restricted from supporting candidates in the caucus. The party’s decision to hold a caucus instead of using the primary results has raised concerns about potential confusion for Republican voters.

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U.S. House Committee Prepares Four Funding Bills for Debate

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Rules Committee has voted to prepare four appropriations bills for debate on the House floor, but the passage of these bills is uncertain due to infighting between far-right and moderate House Republicans. A short-term spending bill may be necessary to avoid government shutdowns, although some Republicans oppose this approach. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to advance the four bills to gain leverage in negotiations with the Senate, but there is potential for further chaos in the House if disagreements persist.

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US House of Representatives Ends Work, Government Shutdown Possible

The Republican-led US House of Representatives abruptly ended its work on Thursday due to their failure to advance a stopgap government spending bill, raising the possibility of a government shutdown if Congress does not pass a spending bill before October 1. Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s speakership is in jeopardy following recent defeats, and some House Republicans are proposing separate spending bills with deep cuts that are unlikely to pass in the Democrat-controlled Senate. President Donald Trump is urging Republicans to use government funding as leverage against his prosecution, while the White House is imploring Republicans to stop playing political games and warning of the serious consequences of a government shutdown.

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