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Junior doctors, nurses, and ambulance workers to take part in mass walkouts over proposed changes to contracts

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  • Unions have taken industrial action in response to proposed changes to their contracts, including longer hours and reduced pay.
  • Mass continuous walkouts will take place in March, involving junior doctors, nurses, and ambulance workers.
  • The government has made a “fair and reasonable” offer to the doctors, which has been rejected by the BMA.
  • Experts have criticised the government’s handling of the situation.
  • The government has proposed a pay increase and an agreement to enhance working conditions.


The unions have taken industrial action in response to the government’s proposed changes to their contracts.

These changes are said to include longer hours and reduced pay.

Mass Continuous Walkouts

Hundreds of thousands of operations and medical appointments will be cancelled in England in March, as junior doctors, nurses, and ambulance workers take part in mass continuous walkouts.

This is in response to proposed changes to their contracts by the government, which the unions have said could result in changes to their working hours and pay.

Nearly all members of the British Medical Association (BMA) voted in favour of strike action, with 37,000 votes cast from 47,000 eligible to vote.

Since the end of last year, 140,000 medical procedures and appointments have been postponed due to industrial action.

Junior doctors will be taking part in a 72-hour walkout across three days, while tens of thousands of nurses in England will be taking 48 hours of leave. Ambulance staff in England and Wales will be taking part in two strikes on 6 March and 20 March.

Government Response

Steve Barclay, the Health Minister, commented on the BMA ballot result, noting that it could lead to potential risks for patients, such as cancelled or delayed operations.

He said that the government had made a “fair and reasonable” offer to the doctors and that it was “disappointing” that the BMA had chosen to reject it.

NHS Providers have requested that the government open discussions regarding current pay rates, while hospital administrators have stated that they will take all necessary steps to reduce the effects of the strikes.

Uzman Görüşü

The government’s handling of the situation has been subject to scrutiny, with many experts expressing the opinion that the current strategy is inadequate.

Disruption is expected to have an impact on efforts to address care backlogs and meet elective targets.

The government’s approach has been discussed by experts, with some suggesting that the current strategy may not be enough.

Steve Barclay commented on the work of junior doctors, noting that a pay increase had been proposed and an agreement had been reached to enhance their working conditions.

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