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Norway Considers Offshore Wind Tender for 2025 Development

Norway’s oil and energy ministry is considering three areas for an offshore wind tender in 2025, with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate evaluating their potential. Two areas, Soervest F and Vestavind F, will be ready for development by 2025, while an impact assessment for Vestavind B is also underway. The ministry aims to reach 30 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2040, and companies like Equinor and Q Energy have shown interest in developing projects in Norway.

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Equinor Acquires Wilko Wind Farm in Poland, US Offshore Wind Industry Faces Challenges

Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor has entered the onshore wind market with the acquisition of the Wilko wind farm in Poland, demonstrating its commitment to renewable energy sources. Meanwhile, the underperformance of the recent Gulf of Mexico auction raises concerns about the future growth of the US offshore wind industry, highlighting the need for stakeholders to address the current confidence crisis and reassess their strategies for future development.

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Sweden Advances Energy Sector with Offshore Wind Farms and Nuclear Reactors

Sweden is making significant strides in its energy sector with plans for offshore wind farms and nuclear reactors, aiming to meet growing electricity demand. OX2 is leading the development of the Ran offshore wind farm off the coast of Gotland, alongside the Pleione offshore wind farm. Sweden’s climate minister has announced plans for 10 new nuclear reactors to address future electricity needs. These initiatives, along with a research study on floating offshore wind at MaREI, highlight Sweden’s commitment to renewable energy and a sustainable energy future.

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