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ENGIE Acquires UK Biomethane Producer Ixora Energy Ltd for £64.8m

ENGIE, a multinational electric utility company, has purchased UK-based biomethane producer Ixora Energy Ltd for £64.8m ($79.4m), adding three new production units to their portfolio and increasing their total biomethane production capacity in Europe to 670 GWh, bringing them closer to their goal of achieving 10 TWh of capacity by 2030. The acquisition aligns with the overall growth and potential of the European biomethane market, which is expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years. To address the challenge of meeting biomethane production targets, the Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) has been established to promote engagement and collaboration between the European Commission, EU countries, industry representatives, and other stakeholders. ENGIE’s acquisition of Ixora Energy Ltd strengthens their position in the biomethane market and contributes to the growth of renewable gas in Europe.

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Salzgitter Commits €1bn for Decarbonization Program and Green Hydrogen Plant

Salzgitter, a German steel company, plans to invest €1bn from its own resources and an additional €1bn in government subsidies towards its decarbonization program, which includes the construction of a 100MW green hydrogen plant for steelmaking. The company aims to cut emissions from steel production by 95% by 2033 and will begin converting its facilities to operate on green hydrogen from the end of 2025. However, it is uncertain whether local production will be the only source of supply, indicating the potential for hydrogen imports via pipelines. The International Energy Agency recommends actions to accelerate the transition to low-emission hydrogen and promote its adoption in various sectors.

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